Turfgrass Management Calgary, AB | Hydra Landscaping

The Grass is Greener at Hydra.

Perhaps the most visible component of any landscape, turf areas set the stage for all landscaped environments.

We understand this and ensure that impeccable maintenance is performed to keep turf environments looking their best. We provide all the essential services required to achieve flawless results including dethatching, aeration, and regular fertilization. We employ a large and diverse fleet of equipment to appropriately address different environments. Without fail, our clients benefit from our ability to effectively address the needs of any turf environment - inherently resulting in picture perfect results

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Planting flowers is the easy part - maintaining them adequately is what provides spectacular results.

Turf Management

Our clients can turn to us for all of their landscape construction needs.

Irrigation & Ponds

Outstanding design and meticulous maintenance of ponds, fountains and sprinkler systems.